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Wednesday, 2017-03-29, 11:47 PM
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Disc won't install
ElphoenixoDate: Saturday, 2012-04-07, 8:23 AM | Message # 1
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Ok, so I've had this problem for a while, both on my JK3 Laptop I moved the files there from my computer, and my computer. I'm trying to install it on the computer, but it keeps stayin at a monumental... 3%. Does anyone have any tips for me? I'm pretty sure it's nothing to do with my system, since it's across multiple OS's. Oh, and it's the Assets 0 bit.

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CleveriDate: Saturday, 2012-04-07, 8:56 AM | Message # 2
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1- Put the Cd on your computer
2- Copy the files from the CD and then create new folder on desktop and paste files on it
3- do the same thing with CD 2
4- downlaod program called PowerIso open it and import all fiels on it and save it as .ISO Both CD 1 AND CD 2 not in same Folder
5- download MagicDisk then open the ISO file with it, it will open The .iso file like you puted the CD on your computer
6- Install

If didnt work you have problem on your Disk's
You can download the game pirated if you want it work online so Dunt worry =]]

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DarthWaderDate: Sunday, 2012-04-08, 4:43 AM | Message # 3
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Or download the goddamn game via torrent
TheBeastDate: Sunday, 2012-04-08, 11:11 AM | Message # 4
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Quote (DarthWader)
Or download the goddamn game via torrent

same thought

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CoruptedDate: Sunday, 2012-04-08, 4:29 PM | Message # 5
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hmm.. instead of Cd's , as DarthWader said.. just download the game via torrent.. you will not have problems with the game.. use the clasic client.. uTorrent
Forum » General » Questions/Problems/Issues(General) » Disc won't install
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