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Main » 2011 » December » 18 » Christmas Banner Contest Results!
4:44 PM
Christmas Banner Contest Results!
The Christmas Banner Contest 2011 ended today!!

As i said before the winner's banner will be the main banner on the site during the holidays.

He will also get a special userbar!!

Now the results:

1. Blaze's banner with 25 votes!!!

2. Seraskus' one with 12 votes!

3. Cole's third banner and Morabis' 2nd one with 9-9 votes.

These banners will be shown up during the holidays in random order but with priority according to the results.

Congratulate Blaze!!!!
(head designer... :P)
Views: 387 | Added by: Morabis
Total comments: 3
Gratz you all ^^
Blaze's big entering xD

we wanted dzolo's one and you dont give us dzolo's one sad

hell yea my votes WINS

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