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Main » 2009 » March » 13 » Fluffy reporting
6:36 PM
Fluffy reporting
Well , server is going very well.
Some said that EFF wasnt going to make it and that it was going to be a regular clan. Now ,with 3 months old , EFF clan is almost known in every JA server mainly to some skills of EFF members.
I was in many different clans , BOSK , OS, ANBU , etc... Im enjoying being in EFF clan so much that i cant imagine what it would be if this clan died. That wont happen because we have new members each day and are constantly growing everyday.
Helping something that you helped building growing is something different then everyting else. I would not trade this experience for nothing.

I hope YOU , EFF members , understand what is the meaning to be in EFF. Yes it can be a JA clan , but we can discover a new meaning of bein in a clan. members , skilled players? No , Friends!

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2 Seraskus   [Entry]
Why dont you carry such reports man? ^^

1 Blaze94   [Entry]
hehe, what an old relic i found here :3

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