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Forum » General » Questions/Problems/Issues(General) » Scripting question ^^
Scripting question ^^
SeraskusDate: Monday, 2011-12-19, 3:53 PM | Message # 1
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So, again about mapping, I got interested in scripting to maps nao :P

So I just wnna know if I think right:

I have a trigger pointing at target_scriptrunner.

Now, I have a
func_usable forcefield with script_targetname "myForceField"
door with script_targetname "myTogglableDoor"

I want pressing the button(triggering mah trigger:P) to switch off the forcefield and after a second to toggle the door (for example: open them)

Here is the script:


Affect ( “myForceField”, FLUSH )


Affect ( “myTogglableDoor”, FLUSH )
signal ( "signalname" );

So, all is about will it work as I described it?^^

I mean mostly the "cignal command. Is it the one that works like trigger signal (so like a trigger pointing at the door just "using" it?)
(and btw, what is this "signalname" for? Just name or defines sth? ^^)

And finally: Can I do it in notepad and call "myScript.icarus"? Will it work?
Thx for help!

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MorabisDate: Monday, 2011-12-19, 4:38 PM | Message # 2
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I cannot really help with scripting as it was 3 years before since last time i cared for such scripting. XD

But i surely know you cannot make a script in notepad then rename it to icarus. You need to compile it with BehavED which you can find here:


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VulcanDate: Tuesday, 2011-12-20, 6:29 PM | Message # 3
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make a simple door and set the speed to extremely fast so you won't be able to tell if its a forcefield or a door with a forcefield texture tongue

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AllexDate: Friday, 2012-02-10, 9:10 AM | Message # 4
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how about u use the auto restart script for the server is on jk3 files too here is the link http://jediknight3.filefront.com/file/Auto_Restart_For_Version_100;87181

Forum » General » Questions/Problems/Issues(General) » Scripting question ^^
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