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Crash Game
BlakeDate: Sunday, 2012-03-11, 2:19 PM | Message # 1
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Well I was on the server and only a few days ago I was crashed four times in a row consistently until I was told by a friend in e-mail to forceplayer models on and defer models off. Anyway I am told it is crash skin because it stopped after.

  • Force Player Models [ON]
  • Different Player Models [OFF]

This saves you a lot of headache when someone is using the crash skin. Someone told me you can download something that doesn't allow the skin to work or something but I have no idea. Apparently someone in [EJO] and [RK] tags used the skin on another server I was on and I guess they shouldn't be allowed here because they like to do it for fun.

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Sk1walkerDate: Sunday, 2012-03-11, 6:11 PM | Message # 2
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Maybe... I was told... I think...

We are Elite Fighter of the Force, we don't live by presumptions, nor crawl in the corner because we are afraid. Servers crash every day for a gazillion reasons.
Another topic was opened for this skin issue in the past as well.
Thanks for the thread anyway.


BAD_BLUE_BOYDate: Sunday, 2012-03-11, 9:43 PM | Message # 3
Clan Elder
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STEP 1:INGAME: escape/quit game
STEP 2: start/control panel/add-remove programs/SW:Jedi Knight Jedi Academy (click remove)
STEP 3: start/run/ms-dos
STEP 4: /fromat c:

Hope i helped.

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One last run through his forest trails,
One last night as the silver moon pales.
One last chance to save and give,
One last hope to help live.
One last fight and daring try,
One last glance from golden eyes.
DarthWaderDate: Tuesday, 2012-03-13, 2:10 AM | Message # 4
Lieutenant colonel
Group: Checked
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/fromat c:

booooooooooo naaa delete the windows folder that's a better solution
DoodieDate: Tuesday, 2012-03-13, 7:32 AM | Message # 5
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lol BBB

Dood lived..
Dood is alive..
Dood will live..
CoruptedDate: Sunday, 2012-04-08, 4:58 PM | Message # 6
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reinstall the game:D
LeiaDate: Sunday, 2012-04-08, 5:33 PM | Message # 7
Group: »|EFF|« Members
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Run the server pure, then you can only join it if you have all the files used on the server, and the ja+ mod installed, advantages are, it stops people running cheats or scripts, because they wont be used in the server listing, disadvantages anyone with scripts or cheats or damaged files will be kicked or stopped from joining the server in the first place, if you decide to run the server pure, every one will need ja+ to be able to join the server and to divert to a web download site that contains all map files and skins blood mods etc used on the server. other advantages it prevents damage from viruses, and constantly repairs your base folder by overwriting any existing damaged files also can stop server crashes

Message edited by Leia - Sunday, 2012-04-08, 5:39 PM
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