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Instagib Tourney
HikagemonoDate: Wednesday, 2012-04-11, 11:42 AM | Message # 1
Group: Friends
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In the nearer future, i intend to start an Instagib Tourney, it will be 2on2 or 3on3, every clan, team or whatever is allowed to have 2 teams representing them.

The next round will be entered with a point system, up to semi finals from there on it will be K.O. system.
This means, round 1 to round x your points make you go on, from semi finals on, you need to win to move into the next Tier.

Pointsystem Pre-rounds:
Win 2pt(s)
Lose 0pt(s)
Draw 1pt(s)

Pointsystem semi finals up:
No Pts, just elimination, win = go on, lose = leaving the ladder

The server used is the Lor Server, and before some peops even come at me with the cause of Ping advantage for Euro players, i tested it with americans, and the Mod includes Unlag, from QuakeIII which means their lag is mathed in and they can actually hit and dodge at the same timing as the others.

This means, both americans aswell as europeans have a little delay at every shot, equaling out the difference between the highest and lowest ping on the server.
Since everybody else, is in the time gap BETWEEN those two pings, all should have the same advantage / disadvantage.

This time, EVERY match will be timed, for the pre rounds there is no system, every Team can challenge any other Team to a match.
As mentioned above all games are timed, so i will set some sort of a timetable, therefor if you challenge a team, be sure you have a date and a time you do the games at, and ask some Referee, who is NOT a participant of the games to watch it, and either screen the outcome, or demo the games.

Every team will have to do 2 matches, meaning, they play two matches, for best out of 3 games with two other teams in the Ladder.
We will contiue with this till there are only 4 teams left, which will build the semi final, and then go for the finals.

In the semi finals, the teams will be thrown at each other in a randomization, which means they wont know whom they fight against, untill they get the lineup.
Again the teams are asked to get a timeset, and tell a Referee who is able to watch it.

Out of the semifinals, the winners of their pairing will go to the finals.

For now that is the primary idea i figured so far, changes to the TFFA Tourney are obvious.

We have two different Win- / Pointsystem during the Tournament, and there will be a Timetable in which you can do the Games.

I will gather Information of Lor Members, or others that help by being Referees, which Timesets they can cover, and ask the Participants to set their Games in those timelines.

With best regards, Hika.

Added (2012-04-11, 11:42 AM)
For those that dont know what it is:

Instagib is a modification, used in many shooters. It means, one hit one kill, and can be used on various gametypes.

Most used gametypes, are CTF and TDM or FFA / DM.

Im fact you get an Energy weapon / JKA:Disruptor Sniper and have unlimited ammo, whilest every hit u make, instakills.
(JKA Instagib Mod: Death Spike)

The Mod Version we currently have on our Server, does Support unlimited ammunation in the form of giving you over 16k which shouldnt depleate at all, since you wont survive long enough.

Also the speed and forceregeneration is highered on Instagib servers. In gametypes like SIEGE you WILL NOT get strafesupport, since it is disabled by the gametype, while CTF and TDM and such support strafe.

Every Instagib Server supports unlag, which means even highpinged players will have the same chance to hit as the low ping players, or at least close enough to call it an even game.

(Quake III unlag by: Neil Toronto)

Blaze94Date: Sunday, 2012-04-15, 7:29 PM | Message # 2
Clan Elder
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hmmm this sounds tasty

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but in the road you've just walked for it...
ShadzyDate: Sunday, 2012-04-15, 7:41 PM | Message # 3
Jedi Grand Master, Clan Elder
Group: »|EFF|« Promoters
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Teams in EFF are made up by the members not EO, its your responsibility to go if you want to go, represent EFF and kick ASS!! smile

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SilentDate: Sunday, 2012-04-15, 7:50 PM | Message # 4
Major general
Group: »|EFF|« Promoters
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I would go Hikzor, but I suck with weapons biggrin
Can't aim for shit

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Why do you do so much LSD,Kris?
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Sir,I do believe your head is missing.
Sk1walkerDate: Sunday, 2012-04-15, 8:22 PM | Message # 5
Group: »|EFF|« Members
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Give me an RPG and pray the server wont crash!!! biggrin

Spoken seriously - I used to go to Counter-Strike tournaments and actually won a few in my home country under the [V-T] team (Viper Team). I can handle a gun so count me in!

ElphoenixoDate: Monday, 2012-04-16, 6:07 PM | Message # 6
Group: »|EFF|« Members
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I can shoot a peanut and split it in two halfway across the map. Count me in brother, this instagib factor makes it easier, too. My sniper rifle is gonna keel them biggrin Especially with my model that gives me a more accurate scope biggrin

You can't wake a person who is pretending to be asleep. ~Navajo Proverb

Message edited by Elphoenixo - Monday, 2012-04-16, 6:08 PM
MifeltDate: Monday, 2012-04-16, 6:53 PM | Message # 7
Group: »|EFF|« Members
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scope disabled bro

AKA »|EFF|«Duilin|JL|
ElphoenixoDate: Tuesday, 2012-04-17, 7:01 AM | Message # 8
Group: »|EFF|« Members
Messages: 248
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I know. I forgot to mention that's in real life. Sorry bro smile My forte is with blaster rifles. Long range. Me+blaster+long range=DEATH FOR THE DERPS

You can't wake a person who is pretending to be asleep. ~Navajo Proverb

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