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Forum » Announcements » Rules » Rules please read them. (Read.)
Rules please read them.
ApophisDate: Friday, 2009-01-02, 8:45 PM | Message # 1
Group: Administrators
Messages: 537
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Hello people, welcome to Elite Fighters of the Force rules section.

To prevent any problems, we'd like you to read carefully all the rules below.

~ ~ ~ Clan Rules ~ ~ ~

Rule #1:

Respect the members of the clan, especially the Administrators.

Administrators ~ Members which posses

~ Emperor rank ( Apophis has *E* at the end of the name )
~ Council rank ( |C| at end of name )
~ Predator Division rank ( |PD| at end of the name)

Any serious insults directed towards one of these will result in a warning, if repeated, the person will be reconsidered and the Council will decide if we keep him or not.

Rule #2:

English Only.

Using another language will result in a penalty, since we cannot know what your saying and if it might be recruiting, insulting, or anything that breaks a rule.

Rule #3:

We do not accept posts which are containing the following:

- Racism
- Incitations to join other Clans or recruitment posts of any kind.
- Material which would cause problems within the Clan.
- Spam outside of the spam section.

We'd like everyone to stay respectful between eachother. Bad words will be tolerated but don't push too far.

Rule #4:

Use your real email address on your forum account.

If your forum account is found to be using a spam email account (eg. it will be removed.
Do not give us a e-mail address that you don't use.
Also, anything that we send you could contain confidential or privileged content and may not be intended to be read by others.

Rule #5:

Read the application rules before making one!
Reading the application rules before making one is very important. If your application doesn't follow the right format it will be automatically denied, and you'll have to make another one.

Rule #6.

No Advertising

Any kind of advertisement will be removed by a admin without warning.
Exception for ''getyoursignature'' site.

Rule #7
All OUTSIDERS must speak English on main chat, this rule is as a help for rule #6. Made for no advertising.
Clan Members can speak their language on clanchat.

Rule #8.

Once you have left / been kicked out of the clan, you won't have a second chance in re-joining us.
Only chance is by being useful to our clan, and if you manage to proove us that you are worthy being in »|EFF|« Clan.

Or, simply if you havn't done anything wrong at all, except leaving without doing anything wrong.

These are basic rules of EFF clan. For full version please check :


Forum » Announcements » Rules » Rules please read them. (Read.)
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