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The Christmas Banner Contest 2011 ended today!!

As i said before the winner's banner will be the main banner on the site during the holidays.

He will also get a special userbar!!

Now the results:

1. Blaze's banner with 25 votes!!!

2. Seraskus' one with 12 votes!

3. Cole's third banner and Morabis' 2nd one with 9-9 votes.

These banners will be shown up during the holidays in random order but with priority according to the results.

Congratulate Blaze!!!!
(head designer... :P)
Views: 486 | Added by: Morabis | Date: 2011-12-18 | Comments (3)

A special weekly poll added now!

You can rate the council's work in 2011.

 Did we do our best or did nothing?

Its up to you now to decide!

Rate from 1-10 and give us a feedback.

Views: 362 | Added by: Morabis | Date: 2011-12-18

Santa has a gift for everybody!
Want to find find out what is it is?
Go to announcements!
Views: 391 | Added by: sreigor | Date: 2011-12-16

Time has come!

Poll was restarted!

(Dzolo's picture was violator due to 2nd rule of Forum Rules on wiki)

From now you can vote for the best christmas themed banner! --> Here

Poll expiry date: Sunday, 2011-12-18, 15:00 PM (GMT+0)

Views: 400 | Added by: Morabis | Date: 2011-12-14

Dear Members!

Winter maps were added to the server so i please everyone to download them as from now on we will use these often during the holidays.

You can download the maps in the Downloads section in menu.

Have fun! :)
Category: Maps | Views: 376 | Added by: Morabis | Date: 2011-12-10

New weekly poll added where you can choose multiple answers (select whith holding ctrl) to decide what kind of events should we make during the holidays.

Only EFF members can vote now!

Category: Clan Events | Views: 419 | Added by: Morabis | Date: 2011-12-07

From now we start to use the news entries which means we will place the important announcements on the main site as well not just on the forum. So let me begin with the latest announcement about the EFF Academy Alpha 0.2 map.

Our beloved magic Dragon: Vulcan released his latest map theEFF Academy Alpha 0.2!!
The map looks promising even its not finished yet.

Category: Maps | Views: 386 | Added by: Morabis | Date: 2011-12-03

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